Retirement – what are your concerns?

Retirement what are your concerns

Retirement – what are your concerns?

I am so very grateful for my YouTube channel About Retirement TV. It not only allows me to assist so many people in the area that clearly is essential, but such also as finding the best financial solutions for the rest of your life. That sounds pretty darn important. 

But over time others discovered this channel and our little community and now together we can have a say and we can impact how retirement is supposed to look like in the future.  

People react differently to the idea of retirement.  

  • Some are very happy, excited, and full of ideas as to how they see their retirement life, how to feel the days, what things to do that was just not possible to do earlier while working. 
  • Others feel scared, overwhelmed, and confused with the idea of not ever going back to work, sometimes feeling of losing the identity that works creates, and security of regular wages as well as sadness of loss of social interaction that work provided. 
  • Sometimes it is a mixture of feelings, especially in a couple situation, when each partner is on a different level of being or not being prepared for that change to retirement. For example, one is looking forward to just chill out and not to have the stress of work, so is ready to retire, but the partner wants to continue working and doesn’t want to stay at home and just simply is not ready for the decision to retire. 

In any case a good financial advice can at least take away the worry of preparing your savings in a way that from day one, all your money has been maximised from every angle: your income, value of the capital, tax ongoing as well as after passing away, which we know as a death benefit, of net value of your estate, and of course the most efficient way to pass your assets to your beneficiaries.  

But each of those points just listed include so many financial aspects such as: rate of return, investment portfolio construction, security of income, longevity, tax minimisation, access to government benefits, cashflow and your budget. The list just goes on.  

No wonder it creates lots of confusion, anxiety, and stress.  

So again, our government and industry bodies are trying to come up with ideas to assist Australians preparing for retirement with new policies and new legislation. The problem is that they keep changing legislation so often that even industry professionals are confused about rules, as they tend to be contradictive and inconsistent.  

But I believe the main issue is that decisions are taken at the top, with nobody ever being bothered to ask people concerned – that means you, those how are preparing for this retirement or already living it. If we wish to resolve retirement issues, first we need to fully understand them.  

And that brings me to the point of today’s video: this channel has been discovered not only by people who are actually preparing for retirement or have retired, and are searching for answers to their financial questions, but also by other advisers as well as decision makers. 

Because of my channel and my work being focused on retirement, I have been invited to participate in number of seminars, discussions on the issue of retirement in Australia. And this is what we are talking about today. 

I am very excited, because it means that together, maybe, just maybe we will have a say as to what real problems retirement introduces to you, and how and where to find the ways to resolve them. 

I don’t believe that anyone really understands what challenges retirement introduces to people, financially, socially, psychologically, emotionally, unless one works in this space day in and day out. And that’s what I do, I can see how retirement can be overwhelming and very stressful. 

But rather than just provide my opinion at those meetings, I would prefer to represent your voice. I would like to ask every person that watches my videos,  receives my newsletter, reads articles on my website: please take a minute and just answer one of those question: 

  • if we had a power to change one thing, just one think to make retirement in Australia better, what would that be? 
  • What is your biggest worry? 
  • What is the most difficult task you have faced in your retirement?  
  • Where do you go for help? 
  • Is there enough assistance provided to you?

You can leave your reply below my video, which is a great way of exchanging options, as another person reading notes, can reply or give their opinion on the topic already mentioned. Alternatively, you can email me to  

The more opinions, suggestions, concerns, and recommended solutions I receive from you, the more together we can shape the future of retirement in Australia, and the future of retirement financial planning. Hence you can see why I am happy to be involved in this discussion.  

All I ask for you is to answer the question: What is your main concern in retirement?  

Is it Centrelink, lack of advice assistance, not undertaking money, worry that you will run out of savings, is it your legacy, or maybe going back to work, or housing? Whatever it is, please leave a note below my video, so not only I can then pass it on further, but if there is a way for me to provide you with information, I will in my future videos, so no matter what you win.  

So please email me directly to 

If you require actual advice, on every page of my website is a button to book a meeting with me. You will be surprised how sometimes one hour of conversation can remove many problems and just by having a person that doesn’t live your life, can introduce solutions.

Retirement is a Journey not a Destination, so be well prepared for the Ride

By: Katherine Isbrandt CFP®
Money Strategist & Retirement Planner
Principal of About Retirement


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