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When planning for your retirement, or already living it, there are many things you need to  consider, such as where you want to live, what lifestyle you want to have, how to invest your savings with low risk and have income that will last for your lifetime, how to improve Age Pension for you, how to pass your estate to your next generation safely and according with your wishes.

Lots to consider, isn’t it?

Getting Ready for Retirement

If you rely on superannuation alone as your savings vehicle, you might end up with insufficient balance to provide you with your needed retirement income once you stop working.

Secure Retirement for Life

Your retirement might be longer than you expect, so you really need to make sure your income will last for as long as you will.

Improving Age Pension

Most Australian retirees are happy to start using their retirement savings to create income but also want to be eligible for at least part Age Pension..

Aged Care Planning with Ease

Entering into Aged Care is costly and any decisions should be made after receiving suitable advice. Be prepared and plan ahead to avoid suprises of high upfront and ongoing costs.

Single Again

Being single again is difficult, but once you accept it, fall in love with Your Life Again. Reach your financial security and peace of mind in your new life.
Life goes on and so do you..

Passing on your Estate

Estate Planning is putting in place a plan to create an effective strategy to pass your estate assets to your chosen beneficiaries and not leaving this decisions up to courts or government rules. 

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The World of Investments

Few steps to take that should make the Investments experience easier and more enjoyable for you.


Ethical, Social & Environmental Investing

Your journey to financial freedom aligned with your ethical and environmental principles.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom & Safe Retirement Starts Here

A short two-hour conversation and sometimes few changes in what you are doing already with your money, can be a difference between a comfortable retirement or struggling to survive. My goal is to show you the options. The choice is yours.

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“Katherine has provided support and information during my downsizing period. She has advised and assisted me with the investment of funds to secure my financial stability in retirement taking care that it meets with my comfort level of risk.”
Gwen Edwards

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