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Sadly, the vast majority of older people go into aged care with no plan and usually completely unprepared.

This is often due to the fact that they might have a fall or other medical trauma and have undergone an Aged Care Assessment, often in a hospital and they are not allowed to return home due to health issues and inability to continue living independently.

As difficult as this change often is, our government has not been of much assistance, as it created a real nightmare of complexity that requires one to have a law degree to understand legal documents, fees structure and what can or cannot be negotiated.

Entering into aged care is costly and any decisions should be made after receiving suitable advice. Unfortunately, most families will ask for assistance after placing their family member into care, which in most cases might be more difficult, to make improvements, but still not impossible.

Four types of Aged Care charges:

Basic Daily Fee

This fee covers daily living costs. For some people this would be the only fee that they are required to pay.

Means Tested Fee

An additional fee that some people are required to pay calculated by the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) based on your income and asset assessment.

Accommodation Fee

Some people will have their accommodation costs met in full by the government, others will need to pay the agreed accommodation fee.

Extra Services Fee

Additional (fully optional) fees that could be payable if you chose a higher standard of accommodation or additional services.

To ensure a suitable financial outcome, please contact me prior to undergoing an Income and Asset Assessment and before speaking to any Age Care facilities and disclosing any financial details.


My Aged Care Avatar! Katherine has aided me both emotionally and financially in planning for my parent’s change of living circumstances due to one having to reside permanently in a Nursing home and the other with onset Alziemers. My parents thought it would never happen to them so it was left to me, their daughter, to make decisions on their behalf.

Katherine researched for me various financial options that resulted in a 35% drop in the Residential fees and yet not affect their full pensions. Plus Katherine set up an ongoing financial strategy giving me the security of knowing that my parents would be financially safe. I am so thankful for Katherine’s service as Aged Care is a minefield. Thank you Katherine and without a doubt, I would recommend you for Aged Care advice and direction.

Ella Maynard

Home provided services

Most people however prefer to stay in their own family home but may require some help with daily tasks. Currently this is a list of home services available to you.

aged care about retirement
  • small home maintenance
  • meals (service that will prepare and deliver meals to your home e.g. Meals on Wheels)
  • domestic help (cleaning, shopping, dishwashing, ironing)
  • personal care (assistance with eating, bathing, grooming, dressing)
  • transport (assistance to move around to medical appointments, community engagements)
  • and many others.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme or Home Care Packages could be helpful and allow postponing entering the Age Care facility.

Eligibility is being assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team.

There is a cost involved for such assistance; therefore, advice can be beneficial in order to understand your options.

Aged Care

Aged Care help is here

If your partner or your parent need to enter the Aged Care, in order to ensure you can provide your loved one with the best quality care, I would urge you first to obtain a specialised financial advice. A short two-hour conversation can create a difference in your affordability of the place and ongoing Aged Care fees. My goal is to show you the options. The choice is always in your hands.

“The closest thing to being cared for
is to care for someone else”

Carson McCullers

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