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Estate Planning is putting in place a plan that takes into consideration wishes of the testator in order to provide efficient and effective strategy to pass the estate assets to chosen beneficiaries.

Standard Will

For some people, a solicitor produced standard will is what they need to help ensure their estate is managed according with their wishes. Generally, if you have less than $300,000 in value of your assets and have an uncomplicated family structure with no children from a previous or current marriage, then the Standard Will might be satisfactory for you.

Comprehensive Will

If your family circumstances are more complex and/or your estate is of higher value, you might wish to ensure greater benefits, security and flexibility for executors and beneficiaries with three potentially crucial benefits.

  • Asset Protection
    Tax Benefits
    Control by blood relatives

Comprehensive Will has many other benefits, however it is complex and differs for each person and family due to personal circumstances.

Remember however, that whichever Will you have, this legal document can only deal with assets you own personally. Therefore, any assets owned jointly or via any other form of ownership (trust, company, superannuation) cannot be dealt with through your Will. This is where Estate Planning becomes even more complex and you should seek professional advice.
Since 2002 we have entrusted our financial planning and that of a late parent to Katherine. Her knowledge is sound and her advice is un-pressured and tailored to our current and future needs. Our peace of mind has only grown as has our trust in Katherine. She is ethically beyond reproach.

– Bev & Phil Gale

Superannuation assets are not part of your estate, therefore not governed by your Will. You need to nominate your death benefit beneficiaries by advising your super trustee about your choice, however there are strict rules as to who you can nominate and how the benefit can be paid out to your beneficiaries. Also be aware that some of your beneficiaries might have to pay tax on your death benefit.

Yes, superannuation can be very complicated.

Other Legal Documents

Other legal documents you should have are:

Financial & Medical Enduring Powers of Attorney

You can nominate who can make financial and personal decisions on your behalf, when you are not able to make them yourself.

Enduring Guardianship

This is nomination to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions for you when you are incapacitated.

Correct and effective Estate Planning will provide you with a peace of mind that your land, money and other belongings will go to who you want. This area is complex, and a suitable outcome is always reached for you with cooperation between an Estate Planning specialist lawyer and a financial planner. And this is exactly how I have structured this service for my clients, so let’s talk.

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