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Whether your retirement is few years away
or you have already retired, the fact remains that

good financial planning,
understanding your choices and
making informed decisions,

might be a difference between a struggle and a
comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

I can help you create certainty of
secure income for life,

so your retirement can be enjoyable and stress-free
no matter what the market is doing
or what life throws at you.

Planning your Retirement is so much more than just Organising & Investing your Money

Planning for your retirement can be complex, time consuming and requiring  understanding  of rules and regulations of Tax and Social Security system, legal matters, calculating different options and lots of research.

Before you make any investment decisions you need to check the impact it will have on your eligibility for the Age Pension (either now or later in life).

Your savings should provide you with security, income for life and peace of mind, knowing that you are financially OK, no matter what the market is doing, or what life throws at you.

This is exactly what I have been providing to my clients for the last 20 years.

So let’s find out how to organise your secure income for life.

Contact me to check
how to improve your Retirement Income

Age Pension benefits

Meet Some of My Beautiful Clients


Introducing Katherine – clever, caring, conscientious, capable and more.
How different from our previous financial advisor who prepared an unsuitable plan for our age group and was more interested in making money for themselves. We were persuaded by a friend to change to Katherine, the best advice we were ever given.

Katherine is always there for you, she deals with your problems efficiently and promptly. You feel as though you are part of a family.

She visits you in your own home. What other financial advisor comes to visit you personally?

Most importantly she is trustworthy.

She constantly keeps up to date with all aspects of finance; market moves, seminars and  information provided by other fund managers.
If you are looking for a financial advisor we recommend you contact Katherine.

Mary and Joan.

Being single again is not easy,

but the strength of your character will see you through.


If your partner passed away, you need the time to grief, to process and accept the situation and adjust your life as a single person. Unfortunately in most cases, financial decisions need to be made immediately, at the time when you are most vulnerable and not ready emotionally to be even thinking about yourself, money and life without your partner. I am here to help.

Read Heather’s story 


The experience of a divorce might be just as painful, but you have to prepare yourself for your single life. You need to set your emotions aside, become resourceful and resilient and for once start thinking about yourself and what you want from this life. Be rational and decisive. Make sure you understand your options and how to organise your money to secure your financial future.

You can achieve the best outcome by collaboration between your lawyer and a specialised financial planner so your life can go on with the least disruption and heartache.

And this is where I can help.

Taking charge of your life again can be life changing, empowering and uplifting and I would love to assist you to get there financially.

Align your Money with your Values


Our values and our principles are very important to us, and if you are anything like me, you want your investments to be aligned with your moral and ethical standards.

Most investors do not want to have any association with weapons, gambling or smoking industries, fossil fuels or slavery. Most of us prefer to support industries that help society and do not harm anyone. We want to have a positive impact on animal welfare or climate change. We understand it is essential to save water, reduce wastage, recycle and protect our environment. We really want to make a difference and leave this world a better place for future generations.

The problem remains however, that it is very difficult to know how you can align your investments and your superannuation with your values. How do you know that your investing supports the causes you believe in and which are close to your heart and avoiding harm.

I share those principles with you 100%. I am very passionate about improving our environment, supporting industries and companies with ethical and moral principles, that present socially conscious practices and values.

But it is also essential to ensure that such portfolios are still able to provide good performance subject to existing market conditions.

Read more about Ethical Investing

Simple process of working together


First we need to understand where you are – your current financial position – income, assets, investments, liabilities, financial structures. This information is important, but my prime focus always is where you want to be, what your dream retirement looks like, how you want to spend the rest of your life.


Financial data can be very complex, and overwhelming, so let’s simplify this financial maze about super, taxes, Centrelink or Aged Care. It does not need to be complicated. I take time to explain those issues and discuss what is applicable to you. This is where we start planning based on all your information, your goals, dreams and your aspiration.


To move forward, you need to have a solid plan that will clearly show how to reach your goals step by step, to create your secure financial future & ultimately Your Dream Retirement . That requires a full commitment on both parts, yours to stick to the plan specifically designed for you, and mine to provide you with an ongoing support not to lose the correct path.

Let's Plan Retirement You Want

So, let’s get together, have a good chat about your financial options and how your situation can be improved, investments maximised, and your income optimised. Let’s review your Age Pension entitlement (if it applies to you – that’s free income after all) and let’s make your retirement financial life less complicated and more comfortable.

The process is actually very simple and at some point, you might even say it is enjoyable, informative and very beneficial.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and getting to know each other very soon.

What my Clients are Saying:


I invite you to work with me

Life can be hard, complex and hectic. If I can take away your worry about any financial problem, pain or insecurity you might have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I take the time to fully understand your needs, goals and preferences before providing you with any recommendations.

Your financial plan is as unique as your life and circumstances, and I want to ensure that my advice will give you peace of mind and feeling of security, knowing that you are well prepared for the future.

Please see above what my clients are saying about me and the caring service they have been receiving over the years.

I am really looking forward to speaking with you very, very soon. 

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Tony Robbins

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