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Further changes to super contributions in 2024-25

Further changes to super contributions in 2024-25Couple weeks ago, I was talking about changes to superannuation in relation to concessional contributions. Those contributions are the most popular, especially while working, so no wonder that was a very popular topic....

Federal Budget – May 2024

Federal Budget – May 2024A new Federal Budget 2024 has just been introduced by the government. Please keep in mind that many of announcements have not been legislated yet, so be careful when implementing your financial strategies. I will go over the following...

How the land you own affects your Age Pension

How the land you own affects your Age PensionMany people who are preparing for retirement or who have already retired live in the country on the sizable land, and then, there are others that are looking for a “tree-change” and want to move away from the fast city life...

Positive Change

Positive ChangeAs most likely you know, I have been providing financial and retirement advice to Australian families for over 20 years and during that time I was lucky to get to know many amazing people. As a point of interest: my oldest client today is 94 years of...

When is my super payable?

When is my super payable?Superannuation is one of the best forms of saving for retirement. I think we can all agree on that one. So how would you feel if you were approaching your retirement only to find out that you have been shortchanged by hundreds of thousands of...

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