Women and Money

Don’t overlook your own money needs.

Financial Independence should be
Priority for all Women


Women earn more money today than any time in the past, and yet studies confirm over and over that the level of financial awareness and confidence has not improved when it comes to investing. Women tend to base their financial decision around the wellbeing of their family, rather than themselves.

It is often that women wait till their very late 40s or even 50s to start thinking about themselves, their financial future, and financial independence.

Unfortunately, women tend to take more time off work due to having children and looking after parents at later years, and that reduces their capacity to grow nest egg big enough to support themselves sufficiently in retirement.

This needs to change. You need to start taking charge of your life, your finance in order to create income and assets security to protect you especially in your later years.

Single again – but life goes on and so do you


There are two reasons why pass the age of 50 one would become single again. You either lost your partner, who passed away, or you lost your partner, because one of you had enough and made a decision to proceed with a divorce.

Those are two different situations, but both are just as painful, and both have a huge impact on your financial situation from that point on.

Woman and money

This is my client Ross who passed away

Ross & Heather have been my clients since 2003. They are my longest-standing clients and I am so grateful to both of you for your trust, love and a beautiful friendship that has developed over the years. Ross suffered a terrible cancer and he passed away in 2019. I miss him terribly. Every time I visit Heather now, I see the chair where Ross used to sit when we were conducting our reviews – and it is empty now. Oh, it was so much more than just “money conversation”, every-time it was a special moment. I will cherish those memories forever. I miss you Ross.

But I am really glad that Heather managed to go on with her life. She is such a strong lady, dedicated to her farm, her garden, rescuing animals, assisting neighbours, to her home, her daughters and her grandchildren. She is the most giving, loving, sharing and selfless person I know.

But after Ross passed away, we had to restructure all the assets. If we did nothing, Heather would have lost her Age Pension and the HealthCare Card, so as difficult as the time was, after having lost Ross, I had to act fast to ensure Heather can continue on her own, with enough income, and some support from the Centrelink office.

Yes, after losing a loved one, life is tough and unfair, but it also goes on, and you have to adjust and continue with your life. And money is an important part of that adjustment. This is where I can help you to reach the point of financial security and peace of mind. If you are in a similar situation, please connect with me so I can help.

Divorce might be good for your sanity, bu not so good for your retirement

So-called grey-divorces are in the highest numbers in history out of any age bracket. It shows that we either are not meant to be together forever, or that we just don’t want to take someone else’s “crap” any longer. Surprisingly (or maybe not) it is women that are in majority initiating divorce proceedings.

Regardless of reasons, you might feel good about finding your new “freedom” but the divorce decision will have a huge financial impact on your retirement. Especially considering that many women do not have sufficient super, mainly due to taking time off for children or only working part-time in order to look after the family.

In many cases, women act emotionally during the divorce, and often want to hold on to “memories” of family life, such as family home, while the partner will end up with money.

Well, divorce needs to be fair, just and equal between partners, so both parties can continue their lives in the best shape possible, under the circumstances.

So, the best outcome is always achieved by collaboration between your lawyer and a specialised financial planner to ensure your life can go on with the least of disruption and heartache. and this is where I can help.

Taking charge of your life again can be life changing, empowering and uplifting and I would love to assist you to get there and reach your financial security and peace of mind in your new life.

Women and Money

What my clients are saying

Katherine Isbrandt CFP Retirement Planner

I invite you to work with me

Life can be hard, complex and hectic. If I can take away your worry about any financial problem, pain or insecurity you might have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I take the time to fully understand your needs, goals and preferences before providing you with any recommendations.

Your financial plan is as unique as your life and circumstances, and I want to ensure that my advice will give you peace of mind and feeling of security, knowing that you are well prepared for the future.

Please see above what my clients are saying about me and the caring service they received and experienced over the years.

I am really looking forward to speaking with you very, very soon.

As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself,
it’s inevitable that you will soon discover just how capable  you are
financial mistakes



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