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What a wonderful life ahead of us. We live longer. We stay active until a much later stage in life, we have good diet supplemented with healthy vitamins. Medicine is progressing and advancing which in turn keeps us living even longer.

This is a great news for all of us. However, the problem is that our money might not be able to keep up with our lifestyle and our longevity.

So, how can you organise your money to last you for as long as you are alive? How can you make sure that you will not run out of money?


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If you are preparing to retire soon or you have retired already, you should make Age Pension benefit your income priority.

For many retirees it is a main sources of income with a private income stream being a supplementary source of funds. If you have it the other way around, your money is not structured with the full potential and full benefit.

But in order to benefit from Age Pension the most, you really need to understand the system and rules around Social Security benefits.



Katherine has been a lifesaver for my Husband and I. Having planned all our finances for our future and sorting through all our Centrelink problems that we have had, I would highly recommend Katherine for any of your retirement planning.

Vicki & Ray Allen

Secure Retirement

Your journey to financial freedom & safe retirement starts here

A short two-hour conversation and sometimes few changes in what you are doing already with your money, can be a difference between a comfortable retirement or struggling to survive. My goal is to show you the options. The choice is yours.

“Your body can stand anything,
it is your mind you have to convince”


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