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Getting ready for retirement

Superannuation is how most people save for their retirement during their working life. Employers must contribute 9.5% of your taxable income to your super. This is set to rise to 12% by July 2025.

If you rely on superannuation alone as your savings vehicle, unfortunately you might end up with insufficient balance to provide you with your needed retirement income once you stop working.

As a rule of thumb, most people generally require around 60 to 65% of their pre-retirement income to live comfortably.

Super is regarded as an effective and preferred way to invest for the future, due to the many tax benefits it offers.

Ways to boost your super balance

Extra Contributions

There are many ways how you can add extra money to your super fund to grow your savings faster. Choice of contribution type will differ based on your personal circumstance, income level and your life stage.

Risk Profile

The investment risk profile you chose may have big impact on the level of growth of your savings. The higher the risk, the higher the return over time, but also that increases your fund’s volatility, meaning greater rise and fall of value of your asset. So what’s your risk profile?


Insurance is an essential part of planning for reaching your financial goals. Sometimes it is very beneficial to keep it within the super fund, but not always. It depends who is the intended beneficiary and what outcomes you are trying to achieve. Tax can also be of issue for some.

Investment Diversification

Your choice of investment portfolio may have a big impact on the level of returns and capital growth of your fund. If your investments are not well diversified, you might reduce the growth and increase the volatility of your fund.

Exposure to Growth

It is very hard to make your super savings grow without exposure to growth assets. Keeping money in cash long-term is not the way to go. So, how much exposure to growth assets is correct for you and what type of assets should you be investing into?

Fees & Charges

Nobody likes to pay fees, but the fact remains that if you want to invest into quality assets, you need to accept some costs. The question is, do you have the right assets and are you paying the right price for them. What fees are acceptable and when are you paying too much?

Superannuation is a great retirement savings vehicle if you get it right.  It provides many tax benefits and if investments are set correctly with great deal of diversity and reasonable fees, it can prove to be a long-term investment star for your “golden years”.

If you are really dreaming of your beautiful retirement, we need to find strategies that will work for you, provide you with peace of mind and a solid financial outcome, so you feel comfortable and supported in knowing that you have done everything possible to reach your dreams, your goals and your financial freedom for your retirement.


Since 2006 Katherine has overseen my husband Andrew‘s superannuation portfolio with complete integrity. We have also sought general financial advice from her over that time and know that we can trust her to give the best advice possible.

Initially, our relationship with Katherine was at a purely business level but, over the years, we have come to know her as a trusted friend; who has my full recommendation.

Gale Wainwright

Getting ready for retirement

Your journey to financial freedom & safe retirement starts here

A short two-hour conversation and sometimes few changes in what you are doing already with your money, can be a difference between a comfortable retirement or struggling to survive. My goal is to show you the options. The choice is yours.

“Money is only a tool.
It will take you where you wish to go, but it will not replace you as a driver”

Ayn Rand

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