Smart Tips for Retirees: Kickstarting 2024


It is always a great idea to commence a new year on a positive note. Dive into a wealth of knowledge by binge-watching my previous videos, where I share invaluable insights on enhancing your retirement planning, optimising your investments, and boosting your savings. Let’s kickstart the year with a positive mindset and empower ourselves to achieve our financial improvement goals. Let’s make 2024 a year of financial success and prosperity!

1. Retirement checklist for new year

A new year is always a great time for some soul searching and preparing for the upcoming year. This is the time when we make lots of promises to ourselves, only to break them few days after, but when it comes to retirement this is something every retiree should prepare for and review very seriously on annual basis.
So, to start the New Year on a positive note, let’s go over the checklist I have created for you to ensure this year will be a very successful one indeed.

Brian Tracy said: “The checklist is one of the most high-powered productivity tools ever discovered”

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2. Steps to improve your investing and savings in new year

If you try to do a little bit of google search for the best steps one should take to make your money go further in the New Year, this is what you will mostly find:

1. Pay off your credit card

2. Do your budget and track your spendings

3. Save on bills

4. Refinance your mortgage

5. Review your insurance

Those are all the fantastic ideas and essential steps to take, so I will quickly go over those points from the perspective of preparation for a successful retirement. But I will add to that list also other steps that are essential for this stage of your life, so you can start the New Year on a positive note with a solid plan for a successful year.

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3. 31 ways to improve your retirement planning

I know from experience that if my finance are not in order, and if I feel financially drained and insecure, there is no way I will feel emotionally happy, fulfilled and satisfied. So whether we like it or not, money plays a big part in our lives and in our wellbeing, not to mention our choices and abilities to do something good and positive in this world.

So, as I said, I really want to start this New 2022 Year on a positive note and what is better than going over steps how you can improve your retirement planning or any financial planning for that matter.

Originally this video started with 9 steps, but once I started thinking about it, all those ideas and suggestions came rushing through my head and I thought, what a great way to slowly improve step by step your planning system.

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By: Katherine Isbrandt CFP®
Money Strategist & Retirement Planner
Principal of About Retirement

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