The world of investments

The world of investing – endless possibilities


When it comes to investing, the world of possibilities is endless. And as good as it is to have choices, too much choice usually creates confusion and procrastination. So, to make this daunting task a bit easier for you, here are 12 steps to follow that should make this experience easier and more enjoyable. 

12 Principles of Investing

Your reasons come first

Why are you investing?What is the purpose? What’s your objective? Reverse-engineer your thinking, start with the end in mind and figure out how to get to that point from today.

Decide on timeframe

How long can your money stay invested? If it is a short-term stick with conservative, income driven investments, if longer than 3 years, you can start incorporating some growth assets.

Diversification is a king

Leaving all money in one place is asking for trouble. Spreading money between different asset classes as well as geographical, investment type and style diversification is essential to your success.

Power of Compounding is a queen

Begin investing early, reinvest back all interest, income, dividends earned, don’t withdraw anything for as long as possible, and experience the magic of compound interest.

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“planning is bringing the future into present
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Alan Lakein

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